Research Technician

Ashley Gaver is the research technician for Orthobiologic Innovations, LLC. After graduating from the University of Maryland in 2015, Ashley started working in the rehabilitation department at Veterinary Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Group. When she is not working at VOSM, she likes to dedicate her time to volunteering at the Maryland SPCA, teaching summer camp science classes, and giving in to her wanderlust. Ashley has an interest in expanding her knowledge of stem cell biology and genetics.

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VOSM Academy

VOSM Academy Certification Program Members

Tiiu Toijala, DVM, CCRT, VOSMA Certified Practitioner
Dr. Tiiu Toijala, CCRT, VOSMA-CP practices at Mevet in Helsinki, Finland.
Malcolm Ware, BVSc, CCRT, VOSMA Certified Facility
Dr. Malcolm Ware, CCRT, VOSMA-CF practices at The Vet Practice, located outside of Melbourne, Australia.