VOSM's team of discharge technicians provides a unique service to our clients - full discharge appointments that include detailed notes, home-care plans, and answers to all questions about post-operative care. Our discharge team will spend time going over your specialist's discharge instructions, including medications, and what to expect with your pet at home. These technicians also go over the expectations for all follow-up appointments with VOSM and your primary care veterinarian. Our discharge team also acts as a liason to you in the period directly following a surgery or procedure at VOSM. 

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VOSM Academy

VOSM Academy Certification Program Members

Tiiu Toijala, DVM, CCRT, VOSMA Certified Practitioner
Dr. Tiiu Toijala, CCRT, VOSMA-CP practices at Mevet in Helsinki, Finland.
Malcolm Ware, BVSc, CCRT, VOSMA Certified Facility
Dr. Malcolm Ware, CCRT, VOSMA-CF practices at The Vet Practice, located outside of Melbourne, Australia.