VOSM's outpatient team includes experienced technicians ready to assist with your pet's consultation at VOSM. Our technicians help to facilitate appointments by preparing information, speaking with you about your pet, performing radiographs if needed, and getting our specialists all necessary information. Our technicians are always available to answer questions and help you with scheduling future appointments or treatments. 

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VOSM Academy

VOSM Academy Certification Program Members

Tiiu Toijala, DVM, CCRT, VOSMA Certified Practitioner
Dr. Tiiu Toijala, CCRT, VOSMA-CP practices at Mevet in Helsinki, Finland.
Malcolm Ware, BVSc, CCRT, VOSMA Certified Facility
Dr. Malcolm Ware, CCRT, VOSMA-CF practices at The Vet Practice, located outside of Melbourne, Australia.