Surgical Coordinator

VOSM's surgical coordinator, Katie, is on-hand to provide an expert level of service to you if your pet requires surgery or a procedure at our facility. Our surgical coordinator will help you along the path of scheduling procedures with our specialists. Our surgical coordinator can help you with surgical estimates, directions for care, trip planning, and also act as liasons to our team of specialists. Katie also coordinates consultations for all out-of-state clients to ensure schedule availability for procedures. Our surgical coordinator is ready to answer all of your questions. 

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VOSM Academy

VOSM Academy Certification Program Members

Tiiu Toijala, DVM, CCRT, VOSMA Certified Practitioner
Dr. Tiiu Toijala, CCRT, VOSMA-CP practices at Mevet in Helsinki, Finland.
Malcolm Ware, BVSc, CCRT, VOSMA Certified Facility
Dr. Malcolm Ware, CCRT, VOSMA-CF practices at The Vet Practice, located outside of Melbourne, Australia.